L'association pour le Cinéma de Genre Autrement
Quoi de neuf chez Sin'Art
Darkness Numéro 15
Tripailles et boudin ? On coupe ! Si Hershell Gordon Lewis est vraisemblablement le père du slasher moderne – le sang rouge vif de... la suite
Ciné Bazar 1
Comme dans les six arts qui précèdent celui qui nous intéresse, le cinéma se conçoit à travers une pluralité. Un ensemble hétérocl... la suite
Toutes Les Couleurs Du Bis 06 : Lucio Fulci - Le Maestro Du Cinéma De Genre
Lucio Fulci, ce n’est pas que de l’horreur. C’est un touche-à-tout qui a œuvré dans divers domaines du cinéma de genre : comédie, ... la suite
L'autrement 3
Chaque année, vers la fin de l’été, Sin’Art sort un nouveau numéro de L’Autrement, le fanzine de l’association. Son objectif est ... la suite
Le Classement X
«Porno», «pornographi(qu)e»… Des termes qui répandent une aura sulfureuse. Ainsi la pornographie a effrayé, le porno effraie et, s... la suite
Grausam Rouge 3 : Braindead
Après une période de réalisation qui s’est étirée sur 4 années pour Bad Taste et un film uniquement interprété par des marionnette... la suite

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Brett Piper

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Brett Piper - 2003
Fantast. Anglo-saxon
Street Date 23/10/2008
Publisher: Ascot Elite | Europe
Audio: English, German
Dispatched within: 3/4 week
Price: 17.50 €
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DVD PAL Zone 2
Jaquette Arachnia

Drainiac (special Edition)

Brett Piper - 2000
Street Date 24/06/2008
Publisher: Shock-O-Rama | USA

This Special Edition DVD release of Piper s horror outing Drainiac has been newly telecined from its original negatives and pre-mastered in hi-definition image and sound re-edited fx-enhanced and presented in 1.78:1 widescreen - offering fans a never-before-seen cut and the definitive version of this traditional FX and stop-motion animation cult classic.Julie Ashbrook and a group of friends have taken up residence in a deserted old house while they clean it up for a planned restoration. Strange and inexplicable occurrences involving water is just the beginning as gruesome death-by-plumbing takes its toll on the terrified inhabitants. Drip by steady drip the fleshless entity begins to take shape and Julie and her friends soon come face to face with the bloodthirsty monster in all its aqueous evil - an ancient water demon that wants to tear them apart!
Audio: English
Dispatched within: 1/2 week
Price: nc €
Jaquette Drainiac (Special Edition)


Brett Piper - 2006
Horreur Anglo-saxon
Street Date 30/10/2007
Publisher: First Look Pictures | USA

An isolated outpost in the wilderness becomes a battleground between humankind and morphing microscopic monster in this gross-out shocker from horror master Brett Piper (Screaming Dead, Shock-O-Rama, Arachnia). When a handful of friends stumble upon the abandoned building, they come face to face with a biological weapons experiment gone catastrophically wrong. They also confront a maniacal scientist who predicts life on Earth will end in 48 hours if the accelerated bacterial mutation cannot be halted. As the virulent, flesh-hungry contagion spreads from person to person - rendering each host into a pile of infectious ooze - it begins to multiply and increase in size. A covert military force sent in to contain the spread and destroy the organism discovers the extent of the slithering mutation, but by then it’s far too late for conventional tactics. Extreme measures are required...if anyone is left standing in one solid piece to do battle.
Audio: English
Dispatched within: 1/2 week
Price: 15.50 €
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Jaquette Bacterium


Brett Piper - 2005
Horreur Anglo-saxon
Street Date 24/04/2006
Publisher: EI Independant | USA

trilogy of short films making up an exploitation bonanza. In 'Zombie This!,' a famous actress fights her guilty conscience and a cannibal monster over the future of her career. In 'Mechanoid, tiny space aliens crash in a Jersey scrap yard. In 'Lonely is the Brain' a disembodied brain tortures beautiful young women.
Audio: English
Dispatched within: 1/2 week
Price: 16.80 €
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Jaquette Shock-O-Rama

Bite Me!

Brett Piper - 2004
Street Date 15/11/2005
Publisher: Shock-O-Rama | USA

A crate of bio-engineered marijuana winds up at a strip-joint after a drug deal gone bad, bringing with it a renegade DEA agent and a swarm of monstrous critters. Just what owner Ralph and sultry dancers Crystal, Trix and Amber need as they struggle to save their club from shutting down. An exterminator is called in to thwart the infestion, but quicker than you can say "roach motel," these oversized insectoids prove they are made of tougher stuff. The club is under attack by a stealthy, skittering invasion of bad-ass, bloodthirsty bugs, and there’s nowhere to run, no place to hide, and not a lap-dance in sight. And when the DEA heavy falls victim to a hungry horde, you can be sure he’ll be back…but he might not be quite human anymore.
Audio: English
Dispatched within: 1/2 week
Price: 30 €
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Jaquette Bite Me!

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    7 €
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    10 €
    Cannibal Man
    8 €
    10 €
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