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Joe Sarno

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Red Rose Of Passion (dvd / Blu-ray Combo)

Joe Sarno - 1966
Sortie le 29/08/2017
Editeur: Vinegar Syndrome | USA

From the mind of erotic auteur Joe Sarno comes RED ROSES OF PASSION, a lurid tale of lust and violence. Carla is fed up with her dull home life, living a prudish existence with her spinster aunt. After being introduced to a tarot reader, Carla quickly finds herself involved with a mysterious sect known as The Cult of Pan, who have learned to harness the carnal powers of roses to entrap men into sexual liaisons. But as Carla delves deeper into the occult world, the true and much more sinister motives of the cult start to become apparent. Lauded as one of Sarno’s finest films, RED ROSES OF PASSION is a grim melodrama, punctuated by sequences of torrid eroticism. Starring Sarno regular actors Patricia McNair and Judson Todd and lensed in contrast heavy black and white by future arthouse auteur Tony Lover, RED ROSES is a distinctly original sexploitation classic and has been fully restored by Vinegar Syndrome from its recently unearthed camera negative.
Langues: Anglais
Délai livraison: 1/2 semaines
Prix: 25 €
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BLURAY Toutes zones
Jaquette Red Rose of Passion (DVD / Blu-Ray Combo)

Joe Sarno's Deep Throat Sex Comedy Collection

Joe Sarno - 1974
Deep Throat II, The Switch, A Touch of Genie
Sortie le 11/07/2013
Editeur: Secret Key Motion Pictures | USA

Deluxe 2-DVD set of three classic Joe Sarno films from 1974. On disc one you'll find Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems return for DEEP THROAT II with special cameo by Georgina Spelvin! Also included are special features, interviews, and a collection of trailers. On disc two, Rebecca Brooke stars in THE SWITCH: Or How To Alter Your Ego, a sexy Jeckyll and Hyde story. And finally, A TOUCH OF GENIE, a rare send-up of I Dream of Jeanie including hardcore favorites Tina Russell and Marc Stevens. Deep Throat II and A Touch of Genie are both 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen.
Langues: Anglais
Délai livraison: 1/2 semaines
Prix: 65.00 €
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DVD NTSC Toutes zones
Jaquette Joe Sarno's Deep Throat Sex Comedy Collection

Le Château Des Messes Noires

Joe Sarno - 1973
Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern, Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern
Horreur Europeen
Sortie le 17/09/2012
Editeur: Artus FIlms | Europe-France

A la suite d’un accident lors d’une nuit d’orage, un groupe de jeunes gens vient se réfugier dans un château lugubre. Il abrite toute une communauté de jeunes filles effectuant d’étranges rites mêlant le sexe et l’occultisme. La maîtresse des lieux est en fait la descendante d’une baronne vampire, mise à mort il y plusieurs siècles par les villageois pour vampirisme. Elle cherche à venger son ancêtre en éliminant les familles des tortionnaires
Langues: Français, Anglais
Sous-titres: Français
Délai livraison: 24/48 heures - en stock
Prix: 14.95 €
 Voir la critique de Sueurs Froides Critique Ajouter au caddie  
DVD PAL Zone 2
Jaquette Le Château des Messes Noires

Inga Collection

Joe Sarno - 1967
Inga, The seduction of Inga, The indelicate balance
Sortie le 14/04/2012
Editeur: Retro Shock-O-Rama | USA

Three acclaimed tales of sexual awakening and forbidden passion by sexploitation auteur Joseph Sarno including: INGA, SEDUCTION OF INGA and THE INDELICATE BALANCE, Shot entirely in Sweden, Inga became an immediate success upon its theatrical release in the United States. Director Joseph Sarno is one of the few sexploitation auteurs to receive critical attention. In recent years his work has been the subject of retrospectives at the New York Underground Film Festival, the Torino Film Festival in Turin, Italy, the Cinematheque francaise in Paris, and the British Film Institute.
Langues: Anglais
Délai livraison: 1/2 semaines
Prix: 32.50 €
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Jaquette Inga Collection


Joe Sarno
Sortie le 19/04/2011
Editeur: Code Red | USA

This erotic, exploitation drama tells the tale of a farm girl who encounters a New York sleazeball and joins up with the notorious lesbian. Cruel rumors begin to surface in the small town, so Marcy is forced to make a choice between her two worlds. A totally real experience in the exploration of human emotions, passions, and desires! From Director Joe Sarno
Langues: Anglais
Délai livraison: 1/2 semaines
Prix: 39.00 €
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DVD NTSC Toutes zones
Jaquette Marcy

Confessions Of A Young American Housewife

Joe Sarno - 1974
Sortie le 29/04/2008
Editeur: Retro-Seduction Cinéma | USA

Carol (Rebecca Brooke), Anne (Chris Jordan), Eddie and Pete (Eric Edwards) are a swinging suburban quartet. Carol is married to Eddie and Anne to Pete, but that doesn t stop them from swapping partners or initiating hot foursome sex at the drop of their panties. Enter Jennifer Robinson (Jennifer Welles) Carol s buttoned up mother, in town for a visit. Sporting a voluptuous body and dripping sensuous allure, Jennifer makes an immediate impression upon Pete, Anne and Eddie, who will stop at nothing to have their way with her individually or in group session. Once Jennifer comes to terms with her daughter s highly sexual lifestyle and lets go of her own inhibitions look out! no one will be safe from her erotic charms. Soon it becomes clear that mother and daughter have long-standing issues and an unspoken attraction between one another, which manifest themselves in the most shocking and taboo way. Who will end up with who, and how far will each go to satisfy his or her deepest and wildest sexual urges?
Langues: Anglais
Délai livraison: 1/2 semaines
Prix: 32.50 €
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DVD PAL Zone 1
Jaquette Confessions of a Young American Housewife

Moonlighting Wives

Joe Sarno - 1964
Sortie le 27/03/2007
Editeur: Pop Cinema | USA

Dans les années 60, une banlieue connaît une véritable débauche sexuelle dans ce classique signé Joe Sarno.
Langues: Anglais
Délai livraison: 1/2 semaines
Prix: 20.74 €
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Jaquette Moonlighting Wives

Suburban Secrets

Joe Sarno - 2004
Sortie le 24/04/2006
Editeur: EI Independant | USA

Le grand retour de Joe Sarno au film �rotique depuis 20 ans ! Laura est un mannequin qui vit � New York. La d�couverte qu'un de ses anciens amants a une liaison avec sa tante la force � revenir dans sa banlieue natale, r�veillant ainsi certaines jalousies dans sa famille.
Langues: Anglais
Délai livraison: 1/2 semaines
Prix: 21.84 €
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Jaquette Suburban Secrets

Abigail Leslie Is Back In Town

Joe Sarno - 1975
Sortie le 23/01/2006
Editeur: EI Independant | USA

La séduisante Abigail Leslie est de retour dans son petit village natal qui vit principalement de la pêche et tout le monde connaît son appétit féroce pour la chair ! Réalisé par Joe Sarno, prolifique réalisateur de films érotiques dans les années 70.
Langues: Anglais
Délai livraison: 1/2 semaines
Prix: 20.60 €
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Jaquette Abigail Leslie is back in Town


Joseph W. Sarno (Joe Sarno) - 1974
Sortie le 28/06/2005
Editeur: Retro-Seduction Cinema | USA

Contient 2 montages du film.
Langues: Anglais
Délai livraison: 1/2 semaines
Prix: 45.50 €
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Jaquette Butterflies

Joseph Sarno - Girl Meets Girl Trilogy (epuisé / Out Of Print)

Joe Sarno - 1974
Sortie le 21/06/2005
Editeur: Ventura Distribution | USA

Three films from legendary erotica filmmaker Joseph Sarno are collected together in the GIRL MEETS GIRL TRILOGY: VAMPIRE ECSTASY, GIRL MEETS GIRL, and BUTTERFLIES. VAMPIRE ECSTASY: Chilling, erotic tale of a German countess who believes that bathing in the blood of virgins will restore her youth. Blood-soaked orgiastic hijinx ensue. GIRL MEETS GIRL: A young student abroad profoundly explores her homosexuality while staying at her aunt's house in Sweden--with all of her aunt's young friends. BUTTERFLIES: Harry Reems (DEEP THROAT) put his enormous talent to vigorous use in this unbelievable movie. Winner of Hustler's highest rating.
Délai livraison: 1/2 semaines
DVD NTSC Toutes zones
Jaquette Joseph Sarno - Girl Meets Girl Trilogy (Epuisé / Out of Print)

Butterflies Epuise/out Of Print

Joseph W. Sarno (Joe Sarno) - 1974
Sortie le 20/01/2005
Editeur: Caballero | USA

Beautiful, young and restless, Denise (Marie Forsa) can't stand another day on her family's farm and with her boring country boyfriend (Eric Edwards). She dreams of becoming a fashion model and life in the fast lane, so she packs her bags and sets out for the city determined to experience every one of her glamorous and erotic fantasies. Soon she meets up with Frank (Harry Reems), a successful, smooth-talking night club owner who takes her in and gives her a taste of the life she so desperately craves while fulfilling all of her deepest desires. Frank, though, is not a one-woman man, and Denise discovers his harem of gorgeous and seductive playthings who will do anything and everything for him...anywhere, anytime! Feeling betrayed, Denise seeks comfort in the arms of Frank's voluptuous partner (Nadia Henkowa) who opens her eyes to a whole new world of hot-blooded lust and gasping sensuality. But Denise must still confront Frank and all of his lovers, and who knows how far she will go to make her wildest fantasies come true?
Langues: Anglais
DVD NTSC Toutes zones
Jaquette Butterflies EPUISE/OUT OF PRINT

Sleepy Head

Joseph W. Sarno (Joe Sarno) - 1973
Sortie le 17/12/2003
Editeur: Video-X-Pix | USA

Bernice et Tracy sont deux soeurs qui partagent le même appartement à New York. Elles furent élevées par des parents très conservateurs, et Tracy est resté absolument frigide. Bernice rencontre un couple très libéral, et se retrouve vite au lit avec eux pour un trio sexuel très réussi. Le couple tente alors de convaincre Bernice que sa soeur aurait bien besoin d'un décoinçage (sous forme d'orgie) afin de lever ses graves inhibitions religioso-sexuelles. A sa grande surprise, celle-ci se laisse convaincre... et devient une nymphomane insatiable.
Langues: Anglais
Délai livraison: 1/2 semaines
Prix: 36.40 €
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DVD NTSC Toutes zones
Jaquette Sleepy Head

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